It's Easy to Get Your Car's Value Online Through Your Lodi Ford Dealer

When drivers buy cars from us, many choose to trade-in their current model to reduce the cost of their next. This is a smart way to do it for many reasons, and one of those it that you can trust our dealership to provide you fair value on your vehicle. We provide our customers a free, online car value tool in Lodi that lets them easily search what similar models to theirs have sold for recently. This online car value tool waits for you on this page, so check it out and read more about it below!

How and Why to Value Your Car Online Before Trading It In

This tool uses the Kelley Blue Book database to get the most up-to-date value of your vehicle based on its condition and the number of miles on it. It only requires some basic info that should be easy to find in your vehicle, like the trim level and model year, and our secure form will provide you a small range of prices that are fair value for model. We respect the pricing from this Kelley Blue Book value tool, too, so you won't have to worry about any hassles when you bring it in to Bushnell Ford!

Learning all of this info before you trade-in your model, or even before you start searching, lets you know what your vehicle's trade-in value is, which is vital in knowing the type of model that you can afford. Tackling this beforehand lets you know if you can go for a higher up trim level on a new Ford Escape or Ford F-150 in Lodi, and it means less worry as you finance your model.

Our Auto Finance Team is Here to Help in Other Ways!

Our online car value tool is secure, easy to use, and free, and it's one of the first steps of financing a new Ford in Lodi. If you have any questions about your auto financing, be sure to contact our team about it as they've helped a wide range of car shoppers just like you!