When it comes to horsepower, you can count on Ford to have an array of vehicles that produce it in spades. This rule applies to the Ford SUV lineup. There are plenty of powerful Ford SUVs, but which features the most horsepower? There are plenty of SUVs and trim levels to search through with all-new and updated models coming into the 2022 model year. Here is our answer for our Lodi residents.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E may be a newcomer to the lineup, and it may be one of Ford's signature electric vehicles, but it still packs a punch. Depending on the drivetrain and battery pack configuration you choose, you can reach anywhere from 266 horsepower to 480 horsepower. The keyword here is 480 horsepower.

It comes as no surprise that Ford's newest addition features the highest horsepower rating. Along with this, drivers can expect 101 MPGe in combined city and highway driving. And drivers can also expect 300 miles of possible range. And due to a plethora of other features, this electric SUV is downright fun to drive.

The Ford Explorer ST

Another contender in the Ford lineup is the Ford Explorer ST. This enthusiast version of the classic midsize family SUV brings over 400 horsepower. While it isn't necessarily close to what the Mustang Mach-E can pull out, the Explorer ST's numbers are nothing to sneeze at.

What Do You Think?

Horsepower is often a number many drivers go by when shopping, and for a good reason. The more horsepower an SUV has, the more power you can expect from your vehicle. If horsepower is high on your list, we recommend considering the newest 2022 Ford SUVs. Bring home a powerful Ford SUV to your Lodi home and explore Goeres Park today.

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