The demand for more sustainable mode of transportation is on the rise, and the Ford Motor Company is ready to supply! According to the President of Global Markets, Jim Farley, the automaker plans to build more hybrid vehicles by 2020. That means drivers on the lookout for a greener way to travel have a lot to look forward to in the coming years!

The Goal is to Make "Smarter Vehicles" for the Future

As indicated by consumer trends, more people are turning to models that run on alternative power. To address this transition, the Ford Motor Company aims to replace "more than 75 perfect of [its] lineup with smarter, more connected vehicles." Rest assured, development of these innovative products is without compromise to enjoyment. In fact, engineers are determined to make new Ford vehicles that are not only efficient but engaging—that applies to Ford SUVs and trucks too which will soon hit the 86 percentile of the manufacturer's entire volume. In this way, Ford continues to listen to its customers and their wants and needs.

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