Ford Fusion: Outlook Against the Competition

Ever wonder about how the Ford Fusion compares to some of its fiercest competition? Here at Bushnell Ford Inc., we love to put some of our most popular Ford models up to the test in this manner. The Fusion is a sedan that flashes in a number of different categories, and these comparisons highlight that fact in a very pronounced way.

When comparing the Ford Fusion to the Honda Accord, we find features such as Sync 3 infotainment and a standard power-adjustable driver's seat, amenities that aren't available in the Accord model. You also find an engine that boasts more horsepower to complement your overall experience.

Moving to the Chevy Malibu, you will find that the Fusion also holds a major engine advantage here as well. You can also expect better cargo space to store supplies for a more relaxing trip with the family.

Explore more of the comparison advantages that the new Ford Fusion holds over the competition here at Bushnell Ford Inc., where you can preview this new Ford model with a test drive after a chat with our sales team.


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